Rosemond Kumatse


WPAA has always been responsive to all my enquiries and have included Celestial Weddings as one of the success stories.  This has been especially helpful in the promotion of my business and helping other wedding and event planners come on board.  I chose Wedding Inc as my preferred course which was listed on this site an excellent instructor and I will definitely be recommending the organisation to anyone who would like to get into wedding planning and event planning.   WPAA has always provided great advice even now that I have my own business running for the past two years.  The website has been an invaluable and useful tool for anyone who would like to come on board with Celestial Weddings.  We encourage them to complete their course with WPAA.  At expos we are able to tell our couples to look us up on your website to see that we are a reputable business based in Melbourne standing out from our competitors. 

The service of WPAA was THE BEST investment for Celestial Weddings!  After working as a volunteer for 16 months in the wedding industry and having 8 years experience in event planning and hospitality, Celestial Weddings has made great progress with WPAA’s support.  For example, WPAA has secured my first volunteer experience, networked with successful people in the industry and still up to today WPAA is still involved with Celestial Weddings immensely. 

As a proud certified member of the 'Wedding Planning Association of Australia' we are up- to- date with the latest wedding trends both in Australia and overseas.

WPAA is a fantastic organisation to begin your career in wedding and event planning, or have your own business. 

There is no better organisation to assist with your event planning career than WPAA! 

Thank you for all your help,

Rose Kumatse

Celestial Weddings

The Sky’s the Limit

Siome Flueck

In 2009 I  did a Wedding Planning certificate with the Wedding Planning Association of Australia. The support I have received, not just in the early days but still now, has been invaluable. With the support of the WPAA I was able to set up a successful Wedding Planning business here in Adelaide. I can highly recommend any wedding planner taking out a membership with WPAA.
Simone - Art of Bride

Lee Brooks

Thank you for the WPAA team! We really needed something like this in Australia. A great success!

I advertise my wedding services here and I've had lots of enquiries through your site.

Keep up the good work! 

Noelle Jabbar

The association helped me get a job as a wedding planner. I applied for work and needed a reference check and the association was willing to give me a reference for my new job. I'm now working and loving my job as a wedding planner. I feel proud that I can rely on the association for support!

Peta Manning

To The WPAA 

Thank you for all your help the past year. I felt secure knowing I had a team of people I could call or email for help with my business. I don't know what I would have done with out the support of the association.

Many Thanks Peta

Gianni Events

I'm very thankful for the WPAA for their help the past couple of years. For me having the association for support knowing I could call them anytime or email them was a huge burden off my shoulders. I have a styling and events business and I'm grateful for the support!

Thanks Team